Standing, Sitting, Reclining

Standing, Sitting Reclining Sri Koodal Alagar Perumal Temple Vishnu appears in three poses sitting, standing and reclining, each being depicted one above the other. The uniqueness of the temple is its sanctum sanctorum built in three floors in the shape of Astanganga vimanam with lord Vishnu in his three poses known by three different names. The idol of the main deity Koodal Alagar is in the sitting position and is the most revered shrine of the temple. The altar of the Vishu in his reclining pose, known as Sri Ranganatha is just above the altar of Koodal Alagar. The idol of Sri Surya Narayana Perumal , i.e Vishnu in standing pose adorns the temple standing, sitting, reclining, walking, dancing www.templenet.com/Tamilnadu/df104.html It is here in the Pitruyana in the solar month of Cancer Lord enters into yoganidra on the day of Sayanaikadasi in the winter solstices and wakes up towords Devayana in Sagittarius month on the Utthanaekadasi just before summer solstices. Lord Vishnu wakes up from Yoga Maya from the bed of Sesha in Scorpio and travels on his vehicle Garuda (Aquila). His two sons, Manmadha is in Sagittarius and Brahma in Aquarius (Cygnus and Lyra). http://www.serveveda.org/cosmos_divine_scientific.pdf

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