mAyA Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary f. art , wisdom , extraordinary or supernatural power (only in the earlier language) illusion , unreality , deception , fraud , trick , sorcery , witchcraft magic RV. &c. &c. an unreal or illusory image , phantom , apparition ib. (esp. ibc= false , unreal , illusory ; cf. comp.) duplicity (with Buddhists one of the 24 minor evil passions) Dharmas. 69 (in phil.) Illusion (identified in the Samkhya with Prakriti or Pradhana and in that system , as well as in the Vedanta , regarded as the source of the visible universe) IW. 83 ; 108 (with Saivas) one of the 4 Pasas or snares which entangle the soul Sarvad. MW. (with Vaishnavas) one of the 9 Saktis or energies of Vishnu L. Illusion personified (sometimes identified with Durga , sometimes regarded as a daughter of Anrita and Nirriti or Nikriti and mother of Mrityu , or as a daughter of Adharma) Pur. compassion , sympathy L. Convolvulus Turpethum L. N. of the mother of Gautama Buddha MWB. 24 of Lakshmi1 W. of a city Cat. of 2 metres Col. du. ({mAye@indrasya}) N. of 2 Samans ArshBr.