3 Goddesses

In India the three goddesses together as the
 Triple Goddess or the
Great Goddess or as
Great Mother are
Devi or
Mahadevi also called
Durga or
Mama (Nutritive Force):
In India the three goddesses tend to be:
Durga Sarasvati Lakshmi
A slightly diferent constellation become the wives of the 3 gods:
Brahma                        Vishnu      Siva
Brahmi or Sarasvati  Lakshmi   Sati thenParvati
Sattva                           Tamas      Rajas
The pre-Islamic version in Mecca is:
Allat                              All-Uzza         Manat
Goddess                    Mighty One    Nemesis
Sun                             Morning Star  Moon
The Greek version is
Hera                           Athena             Aphrodite
Fate                            Power,             Abundance
Wisdom,                    Strategy           Lust,
Helen Nemesis Heavenly Aphroodite Aphrodite Urania
The Roman version is
Juno                           Minerva             Venus

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