9 Planets

In the West there are 7 planets. In India there are 9 planets: i.e. the regular 7 plus 2 nodes of the moon, rahu (serpens caput) and ketu (sepens cauda). Their order in the Sri Yantra is: Ravi Sun Shani Saturn Chandra Moon Ketu Serpens Cauda Mangala Mars Rahu Serpens Caput Budha Mercury Guru Jupiter Shukra Venus Planet Years of Rule Surya 6 Chandra 10 Mangala 7 Rahu 18 Brhaspati 16 Shani 19 Budha 17 Ketu 7 Shukra 20 120 Years ududasha system in which each planet presides over a particular period (dasha) of time. According to Mantreshvara these are: Surya 6 years, Chandra 10, Mangala 7, Rahu 18, Brhaspati 16, Shani 19, Budha 17, Ketu 7 and Shukra 20. Each of these main periods is divided into smaller sub-periods (bhuktis) and each sub-period is divided into smaller periods (antara). The antara are again subdivided into antarantaras, and so on until the swara or the period necessary for the inhaling and exhaling of breath is reached. Thus the planets individually and collectively exercise controls over all time-spans of existence http://www.medieval.org/music/world/carnatic/lyrics/navagraha.html Sun paddy that grows with stinging hairs - important in puja Moon Rice grains called aakhya - on top - white cloth Mangal Mustard Seed in Pot - on top- loaf of molasses (chaku) Buda Wheat or barley seed called taachho- on top- yellow cloth Brihaspatiika pot with an orange cloth Sukra peas in a pot with green cloth Sanischar Black lentils in a pot with a blue cloth Rahu Black soyabean (hakumusya) pot with black cloth Ketu kola grain seeds in pot with multi-coloured cloth teacher of all the grahas -upagraha -black soyabean (haku musya) in a pot with blue cloth onto which is placed small piece of gold http://www.digitalhimalaya.com/projectteam/turin/downloads/Kesar_Lall.pdf Navagraha Peetha. WEST RAHU SHANI KETU SOUTH KUJA RAVI GURU NORTH CHANDRA SHUKRA BUDHA EAST http://www.mudgala.com/sri-krishna-mangal/jyothisha.html