4 Beasts

In the New Testament there are four beasts of the Apocalypse, which are also linked as symbols of the four evangelists:
Lion Lion Mark
Eagle Eagle John
Bull (Ox) Ox Luke
Man. or Human/Angel Matthew

These beasts are related to the four animals associated with the Fixed Cross in astrology:
Lion Leo Regulus
Horse Sagittarius (Scorpio) Antares
Serpent Aquarius Formelhaut
Bull Taurus (Capricorn) Aldebaran

These beasts are also linked with the four beasts of the Fixed Cross in astrology.

In terms of the Tarot and sequence of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac
Bull Lion, Eagle Angel/Man
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Aquarius
2 5 8 11

Each represents one of the four lower classes of worlds or planes, into the similitude of which each personality is cast. Thus the Eagle (associated with St. John) represents cosmic Spirit or Ether, the all-piercing Eye of the Seer; the Bull of St. Luke, the waters of Life, the all-generating element and cosmic strength ; the Lion of St. Mark, fierce energy, undaunted courage and cosmic fire; while the human Head or the Angel, which stands near St. Matthew is the synthesis of all three combined in the higher Intellect of man, and in cosmic Spirituality. All these symbols are Egyptian, Chaldean, and Indian.

St John Cosmic Spirit Cosmic Ether Eagle
St Luke Waters of Life Bull
St. Mark Cosmic Fire Lion
St. Matthew Cosmic Spirituality Angel

Cosmic Fire, Cosmic Spirit, Waters of Life, Cosmic Spirituality