8 Petals of Lotus

Eight petals as the seats of eight goddesses responsible for:
Speech Vachana
Transaction Adana
Departure Gamana
Transcendence Visarg
Bliss Ananda
Absence/Detachment Hana
Giving Upadana
Neglect Upeksha.

The eight petals are also seen as eight virtues:

love prema
truth sathyam
forbearance sahanam
sacrifice thyaga
compassion daya
beauty sundaram
bliss aanandha
peace saanthi

These are seen as a way of reaching the 1000 petalled lotus. The lotus of 8 petals and of 16 petals are also connected with the Sri Yantra.

Orientation : This Chakra faces up Cryptic letter :Letters form Ka to Tha Kam, Kham, Gam, Gham, Angam, Cham Chham, Jam, Jham, Ian, Jam, Tham, are present on all the twelve petals and ador them like vermilion marks. At the center of the Chakra is present a hexagonal Vayu Chakra of fume colour. At the center of this hexagon is present fume-coloured tetragon and cryptic Mantra 'Yam' riding a stag. At the center of this Vayu crypt is present swan-coloured Ishan with two arms in foregiving posture.

Along with the god Ishan is present his power (Shakti) the goddess Kakini who is yellow-coloured, has three eyes and four arms and holds a noose,a skull in her hand and a garland of skulls in the neck. She is also in a forgiving and benevolent posture. At the stalk of this lotus,is the auspicious presence of the power name Trikona (triangle) who has three eyes and a body as beautiful as electricity. 11. Along with this Trikona Power is present Vanadhaya Shivalinga with a hole at the top. Alongside the hole is the abode of Lakshmi (Laxmi). This place is like a lotus of eight petals