16 Petals of Lotus

16 Petals of Lotus are linked with Chakra 5: Vishudha which have
16 red vowels
a A i I u U R RR lR lRR e ai o au M H
Orientation : It faces upward On the sixteen petals of this Chakra are present sixteen cryptic mantras from
A to Ah - Am, Aam, Im, Eem, Um, Oom, Rim, Ram, Lrim, Lreem, Em, Aim, Om, Aum, An, Ah.
The colour of all these letters is red. At the center of this lotus is the sky in circular form and filled with the full moon light. In this circular form of sky and riding an elephant is the Akash Beja (Cryptic sky) which is fair complexioned, has four arms, He holdsa noose and curb in two hands, while the two hands are in forgiving and benevolent posture. At the center of this Akash Beeja is present Lord Shiva in Ardhanarishvara body that is half of his body is masculine which represents Shiva while another half is feminine which represents Parvati (Girija). This form of Shiva has three eyes, five to ten heads and is wearing the skin of a tiger. Along with almighty Shiva is present his power the goddess Shakini who is fair complexioned, has four arms wears yellow clothes and is holding, bow, arrow, noose and curb in her hands. In the stalk of the lotus is present the beautiful full moon which is the gate to Salvation. http://www.keral.com/astrology/occultism.htm

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