13 Trees of Celtic Calendar

In Botany, the 13 trees of the Celtic Calendar were mainly trees, while Ivy is considered a bush or plant of the genus Hedera; reed is considered a  vine is also considered a plant. Symbolically these 13 trees are linked with the 13 months of the Celtic Calendar. They are also linked to the first 13 runes:
B - Beth, the Birch Month (December 24th - January 20th)
L - Luis, the Rowan Month (January 21st - February 17th)
N - Nion, the Ash month (February 18th - March 17th)
F - Fearn, the Alder Month (March 18th - April 14th)
S - Saille, the Willow Month (April 15th - May 12th)
H - Huath, the Hawthorn Month (May 13th - June 9th)
D - Duir, the Oak Month (Jun 10th - July 7th)
T - Tinne, the Holly Month (July 8th - August 4th)
C - Coll, the Hazel Month (August 5th - September 1st)
M - Muin, the Vine Month (September 2nd - September 29th)
G - Gort, the Ivy Month (September 30th - October 27th
Ng - Ngetal, the Reed Month (October 28th - November 24th)
R - Ruis, the Elder Month (November 25th - December 23rd)