14 Meridians

The names of the 14 meridians are Lung (Lu.) Stomach (St.) Heart (Ht.) Bladder (BL.) Pericardium (Pc.) Gall Bladder (G.B.) Conception Vessel (C.V.) (or Ren Channel) Governing Vessel (G.V.) (or Dun Channel) Large Intestine (L.I.) Spleen (Sp.) Small Intestine (S.I.) Kidney (Ki.) San Jiao (S.J.) Liver (Liv.) There are 361 points located on the 14 meridians, with many more located off these meridians known as extra points. http://www.chuanspa.com/en/journey_traditionalchinesemedicine.shtml Governor Channel - Functional Channel Yang Yin Back Front tu mai or du mo jen mai or ren mo Dun Channel Ren Channel

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