8 Vasus

8 Vasus along with 12 Adityas, 2 Ashvins,  11 Rudras comprise the 33 Gods. 
One version called the aShTha-vasus (q.v).is given in the Mahabharata.
There are a number of variants in naming.

The 8 Vasus are sometimes referred to as the 8 Elements, i.e. earth, fire, atmosphere and oceans, wind, sky, sun, mansions of moon and Soma.

Vasu 1. Prithivi
Vasu 2. Agni
Vasu 3. Antariksa
Vasu 4. Vayu
Vasu 5. Dyaus
Vasu 6. Surya
Vasu 7. Naksatra
Vasu 8. Soma

Prithvi, Agni, Antariksa, Vayu, Dyaus
Earth, Air, Water,, Wind, Ether

Surya, Nakshatra, Soma
Sun, Nakshatra, Moon
Dharma, Kashyapa, Chandra

the names of the Vasus , according to the Vishnu-Purana , are
1. Apa [connected with {ap}, water]
2. Dhruva , the Pole-star
3. Soma , the Moon
4. Dhava or Dhara
5. Anila Wind
6. Anala or Pavaka Fire
7. Pratyusha the Dawn
8. Prabhasa Light
but their names are variously given
Ahan , Day being sometimes substituted for 1 ; in their relationship to Fire and Light they appear to belong to Vedic rather than Puranic mythology)
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary under Vasu

Their names were Apa, Dhruva, Soma, Dhara, Salila, Anala, Pratyusha and Prabhasa.


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