5 Pointed Star Symbolism

The 5 pointed star also called a pentagram is one of the original attributes of Shiva, as a Creator god. In Sumeria the five pointed star is a symbol of Venus. In Christianity, the five pointed star becomes associated with the Virgin Mary and specifically through her attribute as Stella Maris. The Stella Maris symbol has particular links to the image of the Virgin in the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk in Maastricht. In 1977, Professor Levy (Louvain) used this star from the Virgin at Maastricht as a basis for the 13 stars symbolizing the European Union, the treaty of which was signed in Maastricht. Symbol 29: 14 For Wiccan believers the five points of the star sign in the circle represent spirit, earth, air, fire and water, or love, wisdom, knowledge, law and power. http://www.symbols.com/encyclopedia/29/2914.html