3 Stages of Initiation

The mysteries of Isis and the Eleusinian Mysteries are said to have had three levels of initiation, presumably, the lesser, the greater and finally the eoptai (those who behold). Pythagoras also had his own version of the mystery religions. This entailed three levels linked with the Zodiac signs Leo, Centaur and Aquarius. If one joins the lines between these three zodiac signs in a zodiac circle one arrives at a Pythagorean triangle. Hence, independent of the well known mathematical properties of Pytahgorean triangle, there were also mystocal connotations. These three zodiac signs were associated with Lion, Centaur and Water Carrier: Leo Sagittarius Aquarius Lion Centaur Water Carrier These three animals are three key animals, linked with the 4 Beasts and recur in the seven stages of initiation of the Bacchic tradition.

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