Truth, Reality or True Essence Tattva is a complex Sanskrit word which is often translated as element or reality. It deals with the elements of conscious life. There are many formulations. An abbrviated form lists 3 tattvas. A full version tends to be 36 tattvas which link to the 36 degress x 10 = 360. From Tat, That, the original homogeneous Element of Life, in which the several basic qualities of things in Nature arise as the Elements or Tattvas. http://www.blavatskyarchives.com/glossaryofexpandedterms.htm
Tattva (Sanskrit) [from tat that] Also tattwa. Thatness, the reality behind phenomenal appearance. The tattvas represent the consciousness-, force-, or spirit-side of being, in contrast to the dhatus or bhutas which as elements represent the vehicular or matter-side of being. Hence the tattvas are called the principles of nature, and the dhatus or bhutas the elements of nature. These tattvas and dhatus or bhutas are inseparable and work together constantly, for spirit and matter are fundamentally one. Exoterically the tattvas are usually reckoned as five, but esoterically they are reckoned as seven: adi-tattva (primordial); aupapaduka-tattva (parentless or unevolved); akasa-tattva (aether); taijasa-tattva (fire); vayu-tattva (air); apas-tattva (water); and prithivi-tattva (earth). Each of these tattvas is reflected and active in the human constitution, since man is a copy in miniature of the cosmos. http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/etgloss/ta-tel.htm

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