Pa Kua

In Chinese cosmology one of the basic Diagrams relating to the I Ching is called the Pa Kua Diagram. Pa Kua means literally Eight Symbols
There are two versions:
Old Pa Kua Earlier Heaven
New Pa Kua Later Heaven
FuXi describes the Pa Kua as follows: 無極生有極, 有極是太極, 太極生兩儀, 即陰陽; 兩儀生四象: 即少陰、太陰、少陽、太陽, 四象演八卦, 八八六十四卦 The Limitless (Wuji) produces the delimited, and this is the Absolute (Taiji) The Taiji produces two forms, named yin and yang The two forms produce four phenomena, named lesser yang, great yang (taiyang also means the Sun), lesser yin, great yin (taiyin also means the Moon). The four phenomena act on the eight trigrams (ba gua), eight eights are sixty-four hexagrams. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagua_(concept) Wuji - Taiji

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