8 Guardians (Lokapalas)

The 8 guardians of the heavens (lokapalas) are: 1. Indra East 2. Agni Southeast 3. Yama South 4. Surya Southwest Nirriti 5.Varuna West 6. Vayu Northwest 7. Kuvera North 8. Soma Northeast Candra, Isani, Prithvi Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: lokapAla m. a world-protector , guardian of the world , regent of a quarter of the world (the Loka-pa1las are sometimes regarded as the guardian deities of different orders of beings , but more commonly of the four cardinal and four intermediate points of the wñworld , viz. accord. to Mn. v , 96 , 1. Indra , of the East ; 2. Agni , of South-east ; 3. Yama , of South ; 4. Su1rya , of South-west ; 5. Varuna , of West ; 6. Pavana or Vayu , of North-west ; 7. Kubera , of North ; 8. Soma or Candra of North-east ; others substitute Nir-riti for 4 and Isani or Prithivi for 8 according to Dharmas. the Buddhists enumerate 4 or 8 or 10 or 14 Loka-palas) SBr. &c. &c. a protector or ruler of the people , king , prince Ragh. Rajat. N. of various kings Bhadrab. Col. of Avalokitsvara MWB. 198 protection of the people (?) {-tA} f. (MarkP.) or {-tva} n. (Hariv. R.) the being a guardian of the world ; {-lASTaka-dAna} n. N. of wk. Vedic cosmology associates six of the eight Lokapalas with six of the planets of ancient astronomy: Kubera (Venus), Varuna (Mercury), Yama (Mars), Agni (Saturn), Issana (Moon) and Indra (Jupiter). In addition, the Lokapalas Nirriti and Vayu were assigned stations in the sky that corresponded with certain star signs of Vedic astronomy, called the nakshatras. http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/features/06-08/features1037.htm Kubera, Varuna, Yama, Agni, Issana, Indra, Nirriti, Vayu Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, North, West, South, Southeast, Northeast, East, Northwest, Southwest http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/features/06-08/features1037.htm

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