3. Tejas Fire triangular, pyramidal red tejas n. (often pl.) the sharp edge (of a knife &c.) , point or top of a flame or ray , glow , glare , splendour , brilliance , light , fire clearness of the eyes the bright appearance of the human body (in health) , beauty the heating and strengthening faculty of the human frame seated in the bile the bile fiery energy , ardour , vital power , spirit , efficacy , essence semen virile marrow the brain gold (opposed to %{kSamA}) impatience , fierceness , energetic opposition (in Samkhya phil.) = {rajas} (passion) ; spiritual or moral or magical power or influence , majesty , dignity , glory , authority a venerable or dignified person , person of consequence fresh butter a mystical N. of the letter $ RamatUp. i , 23 ; ({ase}) dat. inf. %{tij} q.v. ; cf. {a-} , {agni-} , {ugra-} &c.