Pisces Terms

Pisces (Meena) is from 21 February-21 March. 18 February - 20 March In the Indian system, Pisces rules the Nakshatras: 25. Purvabadra 4 26. Uttrabadra 1-2-3-4 27. Revathi 1-2-3-4 In terms of jewels, Pisces is linked with: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Opal, Golden Topaz. Lymphatic System, Feet The seven stars of this constellation when connected make up a polygon with seven sides. Starting from the left hand side top (head of the fish) move down left to its tail, the other fish resembles a kite flown with a string starting from a bright star, called Kaitaim. http://www.vichar.nic.in/Astronomy/astronomy_chapter2.asp

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