10 Avatars of Vishnu

The god Vishnu is said to have 10 avatars or reincarnations which, in addition to being rebirths, also recapitulate the satges of evolution. The precise sequence of these avatars and even their number (ranging from 7-10) varies with different schools and sources.

1. Fish Matsya
2. Tortoise Keshavaha
3. Wild Boar Varaha
4. Half Man/Half Lion Nara Simha
5. Clever Dwarf Vamana
6. Warrior Priest Parashurama
7. Dutiful Prince Rama
8. Righteous Cowherd Krishna
9. Individual Responsibility Buddha
10. Divine Destroyer/Savior Kalki

1. Om Sri Matsya Avataraya Namaha
Divine Fish Avatar

2. Om Sri Kurma Avataraya Namaha
Divine Tortoise Avatar

3. Om Sri Varaha Avataraya Namaha
Divine Boar Avatar

4. Om Sri Narasimha Avataraya Namaha
Divine Man-Lion Avatar

5. Om Sri Vamana Avataraya Namaha
Divine Dwarf Avatar

6. Om Sri Parasu-Rama Avataraya Namaha
Divine Anchorite Avatar

7. Om Sri Rama Avataraya Namaha
Divine Lila (Divine Play) Avatar

8. Om Sri Krishna Avataraya Namaha
Divine Prema (Love) Avatar

9. Om Sri Buddha Avataraya Namaha
Individual Reponsibility Avatar (Also called the Divine Deception Avatara. See the section on Buddha for an explanation.)

10. Om Sri Kulki Avataraya Namaha
Divine Destroyer / Savior Avatar

4 Avataaras in Krita Yuga (Matsya, Koorma, Varaaha and Nrisimha)
3 Avataaras in Treta Yuga (Vaamana, Parasuraama and Sri Rama)
2 Avataaras in Dwaapara Yuga (Balaraama and Krishna)
1 Avataara in Kali Yuga (the apocalyptic Kalki, yet to be)

There are 22 Avatars of Vishnu in the Bhagavata Purana


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