Chakra Terms

Cakra is the Wheel of Time and the instrument of Vishnu. This wheel of time links Vishnu with kala and mahakala in India, a theme associated especially with Avatar 4 where he appears as a lion-man (Nara-Simha),
which becomes Zurvan, Serapis and then the Leontocephalic man of Mithras as it goes West. Vishnu's lassociation with time also links Vishnu with Saturn, which becomes Cronos, and Chronos as it goes West.

cakra n. (Ved. rarely m. ; g. {ardharcAdi} ; fr. {car}? ; 1. {kR}
the wheel (of a carriage , of the Sun's chariot
of Time
{-kraM-car} , to drive in a carriage
a potter's wheel
cf. {-bhrama} &c.)
a discus or sharp circular missile weapon (esp. that of Vishnu)
an oil-mill
a circle ({kalApa-} , the circle of a peacock's tail
an astronomical circle (e.g. {rAzi-} , the zodiac)
a mystical circle or diagram , Tantr. ; = {-bandha} q.v.
a cycle , cycle of years or of seasons
a form of military array (in a circle) see {-vyUha}
circular flight (of a bird)
a particular constellation in the form of a hexagon
a circle or depression of the body (for mystical or chiromantic purposes ; 6 in number
N. of a metre (= {-pAta}) ; a circle or a similar instrument (used in astron.)
(also m. L.) a troop , multitude
({-krAvalI} , q.v.) ; the whole number of (in comp.)
a troop of soldiers , army , host
a number of villages , province , district
(fig.) range , department
the wheel of a monarch's chariot rolling over his dominions , sovereignty , realm
(pl.) the winding of a river
a whirlpool
a crooked or fraudulent device (cf. {cakrikA})
the convolutions or spiral marks of the Sala-grama or ammonite
N. of a medicinal plant or drug
m. the ruddy goose or Brahmany duck (Anas Casarca , called after its cries ; cf. {-vAka})
(pl.) N. of a people
(g. {azvA7di})
N. of a man
of another man
of a Naga
of one of Skanda's attendants
of a mountain
({A}) f. a kind of Cyperus or another plant
({I}) f. a wheel (instr. sg. {-kriyA} ;
gen. du. {-kryos}) ; (du. {-kriyau})
[cf. {a-} , {aSTA-} , {uccA-} , {eka-} , {kAla-} , {kU-} , {daNDa-} ,
{dik-} , {dharma-} , {mahA-} , {mAtR-} ,{rodha-} , {viSNu-} , {sa-} , {sapta-} , {hiraNya-} ; {tri-} and {sucakra} ;
cf. also , , Lat. {circus} ; Angl. Sax. {hveohl} , Engl. {wheel}.]

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