Mount Kailasha

Mount Kailasha is a mountain in Tibet, said to be the home of Shiva and believed to be identical with Mount Meru. Mount Kailasha (Mount Mandara, Mandapa, Tisa, Gang Rinpoche, Jewel of Snow) It is also called Gana-Parvata and Rajatadri: silver mountain. Cologne Sanksrit Dictioanry kailAsa m. N. of a mountain (fabulous residence of Kubera and paradise of Siva ; placed in the Himalaya range and regarded as one of the loftiest peaks to the north of the Manasa lake) MBh. iii , 503 & 1697 Hariv. R. iii , iv , 44 , 27 VarBr2S. &c. ; a particular form of temple VarBr2S.