Delphinus is Dhanistam in Sanskrit and entails four stars in the form of a diamond including: Alpha Delphinus Sualocin Beta Delphinus Ratanev Dhanista (Delphinus) is linked with Nakshatra 23: Dhanistha Wealth associated also with Kuvera the God of Wealth. Dhanistam is linked also to Dhanu or Dhanus the sign for Sagittarius and also entails aspects of Capricorn. These shifts have been due to precession fo the equinoxes. As a result there are associations between the Delphinus as we know it and the Delphinus Gangeticus, which is a crocodile or alligator linked with Makara the symbol for Capricorn and also linked with the Matsya Avatar of Vishnu. As Balakrishna 2005 notes: R.H.Allen identifies (Ref 1- page 200) the constellation Delphinus as Dhanishta. Constellation Delphinus has seven stars a,b,g,d,q,h,e and is located at 20h40m, and 30 degrees north of ecliptic at +13 deg (ecliptic being at –17 degrees), where as Jyotishya range for Dhanishta is 21h9m to 22h2m. Cited from website Vedic Astronomy. SHAH The Pig Delphinus Third Decan DELPHINUS, Called the DOLPHIN, but in the Egyptian planisphere apparently figured as a vessel pouring out water http://philologos.org/__eb-mazzaroth/203.htm