Mystic Knot Terms

The Mystic Knot, also called the Auspicious Knot, Endless Knot, or Infinite Knot is one of the 8 Auspicious symbols of Buddhism. The mystic knot is a symbol for the Spring Equinox on 21 March. Symbolically this knot ties toigether the new waters of life from the world below (Southern Hemisphere in the sky) with the world above (Northern Hemisphere in the sky). To understand the origins of the symbol it is necessary to visualize the path of the sun along the ecliptic at 22.5% relative to the equator. This path goes up in the spring and back down in the autumn. Combined these two intersecting lines would create the equivalent of an X sign at the equinoxes. If these lines are joined one arrives at the infinitiy figure. If one substitutes a snake this becomes the ouroboros figure. If one includes a line for the outer estremities of this path, then one has three lines. In China these become the three strong lines of the male trigram. If this pattern of three lines is repeated for the descent then the original X becomes three parallel Xs. IF these lines are now joined, to indicate that the sun reverses position, one has the mystic knot. A variant becomes the Umbilical Knot associated with Lakshmi. Hence the same symbol which is linked with the birth of life and attachment (umbelicus) becomes one of the symbols of dissolution from attachment in Buddhism. Cf. symbol 19:6 in Scandinavia.

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