8 Auspicious Symbols

The 8 auspicious symbols, called Astamangala in Sansrit or Tashi Tagey in Chinese, are some of the key symbols of Buddhism, namely: 2 Fish Conch Khumba Lotus Mystic Knot Umbrella Victory Banner Wheel of Law In addition to their usual religious connotations these symbols are also related to Buddhist cosmology. Khumba (vase) relates to Khumb (Aquarius). 2 Fish correspond to Mesha (Pisces). Mystic Knot relates to Al Rischa (the knot) also in Pisces and associated with the Spring Equinox. Umbrella corresponds to Nakshatra Jyesta in Vrishik (Scorpio). Lotus corresponds to Nakshatra 17: Anuradha also in Scorpio. Sometimes linked with this is Shrivatsa --resembling a Fleur de Lys, sometimes within a and above a Trisula.

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