Bindu Terms

The Bindhu is a Dot at the centre of the Sri Yantra which is linked with creation and birth. The Bindi is a dot on the forehead of Indian women indicating wedded status. In the Sri Yantra the Bindu is the 9th enclosure. Some Sri Yantras have a further division within the bindu space, three dots arranged in a triangle and standing for the three creative fires: the Fire of the Moon, i.e. the dot representing it is red in color and it also stands for the ida channel for the prana on the left (lunar) side of the body; the Fire of the Sun is a white dot, and represents the pingala channel for the prana on the right side of the body; the Fire of Agni, sacred flame, is of mixed colors and stands for the central channel, the sushumna. In such cases, of course, the actual bindu will be infinitely small and enclosed within the triangular space formed by these three dots. Some schools distingush between Bindu, Para Bindu and Tri Bindu. bindu - white, moon. Bindu also means perfect sngularity.

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