Son of God 3: Sanatkumara

Sanatkumara, is born from the union of an upper and lower triiangle which forms the Shatkona, whose sacred number is six. Aum. Sanatkumara means always a youth and is the oldest of the progenitors of mankind; one of 4 or 7 mind-born sons of Brahma. Sanat-kumara (Sanskrit) [from sanat from of old, always + kumara youth from ku with difficulty + mara mortal] Exoteric -- Sanat, Sananda, Sanaka, and Sanatana Esoteric -- Sana, Kapila, and Sanat-sujata Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, Sanat-kumara, Jata, Vodhu, and Pancha-sikha.

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