28 Nakshatras

An alternative version in India has 28 mansions of the moon, nakshatras (or manazils), each one being 12 degrees and fifty-one minutes wide.
After the introduction of the zodiac from Mesopotamia into Egypt not long after the founding of Alexandria in 332 BC, the 36 Egyptian decans became assimilated into the zodiac, three decans to a zodiacal sign, each decan corresponding to 10° in a given sign. The Egyptian decans are of considerable antiquity, first appearing on coffin lids around 2150 BC. Similarly, the 28 Indian lunar mansions have a history dating back to around the beginning of the last millennium BC. The 28 nakshatras, as the Indian lunar mansions are called, comprise a lunar zodiac marking the passage of the Moon around the night sky. The nakshatras are alluded to in the Vedas.2
  1. Sravishtha or Dhanishtha

  2. Sata-bhishaj

  3. Purva-bhadrapada

  4. Uttara-bhadrapada

  5. Revati

  6. Asvini

  7. Bharani

  8. Krittika

  9. Rohini or Brahmi

  10. Mriga-siras or Agrahayani

  11. Ardra

  12. Punarvasu or Yamakau

  13. Pushya or Sidhya

  14. Aslesha

  15. Magha

  16. Purva-phalguni

  17. Uttara-phalguni

  18. Hasta

  19. Citra

  20. Svati

  21. Visakha or Radha

  22. Anuradha

  23. Jyeshtha

  24. Mula

  25. Purva-shadha

  26. Uttara-shadha

  27. Abhijit

  28. Sravana


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