Ogdoad (Egypt)

The Ogdoad consists of 4 snakes and 4 frogs
Niau and Niaut frogs stood for void, boundlessness
Kek and Keket snakes stood for darkness
Nun and Nunet snakes stood for water. primeval Waters
Heh and Hauhet frogs stood for infinite time Fire http://www.nemo.nu/ibisportal/0egyptintro/1egypt/gudasidor/ogdoad.htm
In other versions the males were frogs and the females were snakes.
Nun and Naunet (water)
Amen and Amaunet (invisibility)
Heh and Hauhet (infinity)
Kek and Kauket (darkness). http://www.thekeep.org/~kunoichi/kunoichi/themestream/nun.html
They were linked with Khmun or Hermopolis. consisted of eight personified primeval forces, conceived of as four couples of deities (the number four being the number of totality and completeness).....The male ones are shown with frogs´heads and the female ones with snakes´heads, such forms are frequently said in ancient texts to inhabit the primeval waters. cf. http://www.philae.nu/akhet/Ogdoad.html
overseeing four pairs of natural syzygies:
Eternity (Heh/Hehet)
Darkness (Kek/Keket)
Water/Potentiality (Nun/Nunet)
Wind/Hiddenness (Amen/Amenet).
Amen, Amenet, Heq, Heqet, Nun, Naunet, Kau, Kauket

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