Golden Egg Terms

G India In the water there emerged a golden egg (anda). Brahma was born inside the egg. Since he created himself, he is called Svayambhu, born (bhu) by himself (svayam). For one whole year, Brahma lived inside the egg. He then split the egg into two and created heaven (svarga) and the earth (prithivi) from the two parts of the egg. Skies, directions, time, language and senses were created in both heaven and earth. Cited from Website: Brahma Prurana

"Seed of Asha" is the cosmic energy which is the origin and sustenance

of life.

In Rig-Veda 10-121-001, we find a similar statement:

Hiranayagarbha samavartatāgre

Bhutasya jāta: patirekāseet

"In the beginning the golden egg (fire),

He was the Lord of all the worlds, as soon as He came to be."

Compare "golden egg" and "seed of asha" for similarity of the two quotes.