2 Eggs

In the stories of Leda and the Swan there are often two eggs: one with Castor and Pollux; another with Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra; alternatively, one of which yielded Helen and Polydeuces and the other of which contained Castor and Clytemnestra.. http://www.palgrave.com/pdfs/0333803612.pdf Another version has Romulus in one egg and Remus in the other. The idea of two eggs has a precedent in India where Vinata lays two eggs that lead to Aruna (lame) and Garuda. http://www.himmapan.com/himmapan_bird_garuda.html In another version there are again two eggs. Vinatai has the egg of Garuda. Pelpökkü (Belbogu; White God) and Ssërnëpokku (Kernebogu; Black God), twins, who created the world and all other gods in the form of cock who laid an egg of world. Pelpökkü laid the egg and when he fell asleep, Ssërnëpokku crushed the shell http://ib.frath.net/w/Vera Clytemnestra - Helen of Troy At first there was nothing but two eggs. They were soft and shone like gold. They did not stay in one place, but went round and round. At last, as they went round, they collided and both eggs broke open. From one came the earth, from the other the sky, her husband. When the sky made love to the earth, every kind of tree and grass and all living creatures came into being.4 http://ignca.nic.in/ps_01004.htm