Soma Terms

Soma is a god of the moon, the son of a) Atri via Brahma b) Dharma c) Varuna, Lord of Oceans associated with the nectar of immortality (amrita). The origins of this nectar are said to go back to the time of creation itself. It is kept in a vase (khumba or kamandalu) associated with both the goddess Lakshmi and the god Dhavantari, the father of aryuvedic medicine. Specifically soma is associated with one of the 16 phases of the moon. Soma is also one of the 8 guardians (lokapalas). On earth, soma is associated with a hallucinogenic drug. In some traditions soma and wine are associated. The Indian Soma and the Persian Haoma of the Zoroastrians are related. Some schools claim that they were identical. Others insist that they were quite distinct. Hatha Yoga Padipika http://www.santosha.com/philosophy/hathayoga-pradipika-chapter3.html: 48. Immortal liquor is the nectar exuding from the moon (Chandra situated on the left side of the space between the eyebrows). It is produced by the fire which is generated by thrusting the tongue. 49. If the tongue can touch with its end the hole from which falls the rasa (juice) which is saltish, bitter, sour, milky and similar to ghee and honey, one can drive away disease, destroy old age, can evade an attack of arms, become immortal in eight ways and can attract fairies. 50. He who drinks the clear stream of liquor of the moon (soma) falling from the brain to the sixteen-petalled lotus (in the heart), obtained by means of Prana by applying the tongue to the hole of the pendant in the palate, and by meditating on the great power (Kundalini), becomes free from disease and tender in body, like the stalk of a lotus, and the Yogi lives a very long life. Asociated with Vishnu , Siva , Yama , and Kubera. Soma also stole Tara from Brihaspati (Jupiter) was joined by Shukra and started the War in Heaven. 1. Sthula-sarira ----- Soma ----- Corpus

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