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Mitra ( from nimid to love) means God, because He loves all and is worthy of being loved by all.
Mitra is one of the oldest Hindu Gods. Mitra-Indra are sometimes coupled as are Mitra-Varuna. Mitra becomes one of Adityas. The meaning of Mitra is linked with friendship and contract. Its root meaning has to do with measure as in Mi (q.v.): Deity of the constellation Anuradha Mitra + Urvasi produced Vasishtha (Owner of Wealth) Agasti (Mover of Mountains) Mitra was married to Revati (Prosperity) and had three chidren: Utsarga Excretion Arishta Pippala which is also the sacred fig tree. sometimes called Impulse, Ill-Omen, and Pleasure Mitra is also used re: the mother of Maitreya and Maitreyi and the mother of Satru-ghna The Greek historian Herodotus, writing in the 5th century B.C., considers her the equivalent of Aphrodite: The Assyrians call Aphrodite Mylitta, the Arabians Alilat, and the Persians Mitra (Histories I:131). Cited in Website: Wiki: Allat.
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
mitra 1 m. (orig. {mit-tra} , fr. {mith} or {mid} ; cf. {medin}) a friend , companion , associate (in later language mostly n.) N. of an Aditya (generally invoked together with Varuna cf. {mitrA-v-} , and often associated with Aryaman q.v. ; Mitra is extolled alone in RV. iii , 59 , and there described as calling men to activity , sustaining earth and sky and beholding all creatures with unwinking eye ; in later times he is considered as the deity of the constellation Anuradha , and father of Utsarga) the sun N. of a Marut of a son of Vasishtha and various other men of the third Muhurta L. ; du. = {mitra-varuNa} ({A}) ,f. N. of an Apsaras (B. {citrA}) ; of the mother of Maitreya and Maitreyi of the mother of Satru-ghna (= {su-mitrA}) (W. {I}) ; n. friendship a friend , companion (with {aurasa}) a friend connected by blood-relationship an ally (a prince whose territory adjoins that of an immediate neighbour who is called {ari} enemy in this meaning also applied to planets a companion to = resemblance of (gen. ; ifc. = resembling , like) N. of the god Mitra (enumerated among the 10 fires) a partic. mode of fighting (v.l. for {bhinna}). Mitra being the priesthood, Varuna the royal power
Lunar Race Solar Race 5.Mitra (constancy in friendship) Saturn Mitra

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