Pancha Mahabhutas

The Panch Bhutas or Pancha Mahabhutas are the five primary elements: Prithvi earth Yellow Jala or Apas water Tejas or Agni fire Vayu air Akasha space or ether These combine with the 5 Organs of Sense. Together with the 5 organs of action these produce the 10 senses of perception. These 10 senses plus the 5 pranas element , primitive matter (= {mahA-bhUta} (usually reckoned as 5 , viz. {kha} or {AkAza} {anila} {tejas} {jala} {bhU} to which is added {brahma} or {vijJAna} Buddh.) prithvi, jala, tejas, vayu, akasha prithvi, apas,, agni, vayu, akasha kha, anila, tejas, jala, bhu These were combined with the 4 Eternal Substances The pancha Mahabhuta or five great elements are earth, water, fire and space. The universe is supposed to compose of from pancha mahabhutas. The element earth is depicted here by rock formations, and mountainous landscape; the element water by waterfalls and lakes; fire by aureole’s wisdom fire; air by cloud formation and space by sky. http://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/TM95/
Tattvas 32 to 36.
The Five Gross Elements of Matter (Maha Bhutas):
32. âkâsa tattva: ether 33. vâyu tattva: air 34. tejas tattva: fire 35. âpas tattva: water 36. prithivî tattva: earth