Hari Cologne Sanksrit Dictionary 2 mfn. (prob. fr. a lost= {hR} , to be yellow or green for 1. {hari} see above , col. 2) fawn-coloured , reddish brown , brown , tawny , pale yellow , yellow , fallow , bay (esp. applied to horses) , green , greenish m. yellow or reddish brown or green (the colour) L. a horse , steed (esp. of Indra) a lion the sign of the zodiac Leo the sun ; = hari-nakSatra} ib. a monkey a ray of light the moon Phaseolus Mungo a jackal a parrot a peacock the Koil or Indian cuckoo a goose a frog a snake fire the wind or N. of Vayu (god of the wind) of Indra ib. &c. ; (esp.) N. of Vishnu-Krishna (in this sense thought by some to be derived from {hR} , to take away or remove evil or sin of Brahma TAr. ; of Yama of Siva of Sukra of Su-parna of a son of Garuda of a Rakshasa of a Danava of a son of Akampaua (or Anukampana) of a son of Tarakaksha of a son of Parajit of a son of Paravrit of a worshipper of Vishnu of various authors and scholars (esp. of the poet Bhartri-hari as the author of the Vakya-padiya ; also with {mizra} , {bhaTTa} , {dIkSita}c.) of a mountain VP. ; of a world (cf. {hari-varSa}) of a metre of a partic. high number Buddh. pl. men , people (= {manuSyAH}) ;a partic. class of gods under Manu Tamasa Pur. ; (%{I}) f. N. of the mythical mother of the monkeys [Cf. Lat. {holus} , {helvus} , {fulvus} ; Lith. {zalias} , {z3e4lti} ; Slav. {zelenu8} ; Germ. {ge0lo} , {gelb} ; Eng. {yellow}.]

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