1000 Petalled Lotus

The 1000 petalled lotus is linked wiith Chakra 7. In the 19th century the Ayyavazhi religion developed a 1008 petalled lotus. Orientation : This lotus is facing down. Color : White like the full moon, with saffron tinge of the dawning sun. Cryptic Mantras : All the letters from A to Ksha, that is fifty letters are present on the petals of this lotus. In other words, each letter is repeated on twenty petals in a row. At the center of Sahastrara is present the full moon. At the center of this full moon is present a sparkling Trikona Yantra. At the center of this Trikina Yantra is present Brahma in vacuum state of nothingness. It is the absolute cryptic root of the infinitesinal joy. At the same place is the abode of Kha like Shiva who joyfully stays here with Shakti. At the same place is also present in an extremely thin, equal to the hundredth parts of the lotus stalk,a streak of the nectar, a power named Ama AT the center of this power, in a part that is thousand times thinner than a hair is present Paratpara Bhagwati in the phase named Nirvana. This is also called as MahaKundalini. At the center of this phase named Nirvana, is present the extremely cryptic Nirvana Shakti ( The power of Salvation) in extremely infinitesimal form. At the center of Nirvana Shakti is the abode of Nityananda Shiva, But because of difference of Opinion people call it as Vaishnava sthana, Hansa Sthana or Moksha Dwara (State to the salvation). Mantra to be chanted: HREEM SHREEMA HUM PHUT OR MAHAMRITUNJAYA MANTRA http://www.keral.com/astrology/occultism.htm