Dharma (loosely translated as the law) is about right thoughts and actions that constitute the Eightfold Path, symbolized by the 8 Spoked Wheel. The baindava of the chakra has a triple form, dharma, adharma and atma, and matri, meya and prama. Dharma is a grandson of Anu and father of Duduha. His color is yellow, the color of the sun in its zenith... skandha of feeling or sensation http://www.tsl.org/Masters/buddhas/dhyani/frintroduction.html Dharma is also the name of a Deva in charge of Dharma. He is born from the right breast of Brahma, is married to ten daughters of Daksha and fathers Shama, kama and Harahsa. He is also the father of the celebrated Rishis Hari, Krishna, Nara and Naryana. In the Epic Mahbharata Dharma is invoked by Kunti and she begets her eldest son Yudhisthira from him. As such Yudhisthir is know as Dharmaputra. See Website Wikipedia: Dharma born from the right breast of Yama and father of Sama , Kama and Harsha.

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