Hebrew 21. Shin

Shin is the 21st letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, one of the three mother letters and has as its symbol. Its numeric value is 300.

Shin is attributed to Binah, the Sephirah of the father archetype and has male, fiery characteristics.

The letter Shin is the dynamic movement of the element Fire, the active, expansive and vivifying forces in the universe. It is also the symbol of the vivifying spirit. It shape reflects three raised flames in the shape of three Vaus's.

With them He formed heaven in Space, winter in Time and the head in Souls - males with Shin Aleph Mem and females with Shin Mem Aleph.

It presides over the Fiery triad: Chokmah-Geburah-Netzach (M) and Sephiroth path 31.

In China and Japan Shin is SHIN ?, the ninth branch symbol of the Zodiac; also the character for monkey.

The Eternal Flame
A year; change; a tooth; scarlet; serenity; to sleep; to teach; two; sharp; old; viceroy.
3 vavs represent the three Patriarchs; the 4 vavs, the Matriarchs.