10 Levels of Being

The Hebrew tradition adapted an abstract form of the idea of a tree of life, called Sephiroth and used this to explain a descent creation through a combination of three forces, which were then mirrored as a further three, then mirrored a second time as another three and then mirrored again as one which initiated a further process. These ten steps have close parallels with and may have been derived from the Persian traditions of Mani, which came in turn from the traditions of Zoroaster and ultimately form India. We note in any case how the Sephiroth again has the familar 3 x 3 +1 familiar from Durga and Demeter. These levels of being were sometimes as a basis for 10 steps of initation. These 10 levels of being or steps from abstract to concrete are: 1. Awareness 2. Intention 3. Focus 4. Love 5. Power 6. Harmony 7. Desire 8. Intellect 9. Foundation 10. Manifestation

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