7 Double Letters

In Hebrew the 3 Mother Letters; the 7 Double letters; and the 12 Simple letters comprise the Hebrew Alphabet of 22 letters.
Beth = Aleph + Shin
Gemel = Aleph + Mem
Dalet = Shin + Mem
Koph = Beth + Gemel
Peh = Beth + Dalet
Resh = Dalet + Gemel
Tau = Aleph + Shin + Mem
Fourth Day, Second Day, Sixth Day, Fifth Day, Third Day, First Day, Seventh Day of Creation
Mouth, Left Eye, Left Nostril, Right Ear, Right Nostril, Right Eye, Left Ear
Cited from Eastern Mysteries
4 2 6 5 3 1 7
Palate, Tongue, Teeth, Lips
G K, B Th, R, D P

“Seven Double Letters: Beyt b Gimel g Dalet d Kaf k Pey p Resh r and Tav t are the foundation. He engraved them, He hewed them out, He combined them, He weighed them at opposites, and He formed through them: seven stars in the universe, seven days in the year, seven gates in the body of male and female... and through which He engraved seven universes, seven heavens, seven earths, seven seas, seven rivers, seven Sabbatical years, seven Jubilees, and the Holy Temple. Therefore He cherished the seventh ones under all the heavens.”(Sefer Yetzirah 4:6)



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