The Trimurti is a version of a three headed god including: Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary trimUrti mfn. having 3 forms or shapes (as Brahma , Vishnu. Siva) Kum. ii , 4 ; Gan3ge7s3. Ra1matUp. i , 16 Sch. in comp. Brahma , Vishnu , Siva Hcat. i , 11 , 547 m. the sun (cf. {trayI-deha}) a Buddha one of the 8 Vidyesvaras ({-tika}) It is well known that the Babylonian Triune God, whose symbol is a trident, was also found in the trident bearing, multi-faced Shiva, who appears to be a derivative of Nimrod or associated with him, as the three horned cap was also a sacred symbol in Assyria. Cited FroM Website: Mysticism

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