Purusha has many meanings from spirit, or soul to man and includes: Atman Cosmic Man Demiurge Experiencer of the Soul Supreme Being Supreme Spirit It occurs as one of the 3 basic principles:
avyakta, prakriti, purusha
Essence, Nature, Energy
In the Sankhya school purusha and Prakriti are the male and female principle.
In the Saiva school Purusha is tattva 25. quiescent unmanifest, pure consciousness -------- Vastu or bhoomi is vibrating and alive. This is the space of the earth or land. This energy resides in the earth and is called by various names such as Vastu Nathan, bhoomi Purusha and Vastu Purusha. This is the energy of the material sunbstance. Similarly the energy of Akasham or cosmic space is known as Vishwa Purusha, Vishwa atman, Paramatman. http://ezinearticles.com/?Vastu-Purusha-Mandala-and-Positive-Energies&id=1129551

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