Apollo = Horus the Elder in Egypt. cf. Alcestius and Admetus On the second day (8/25; 7/31) was born the elder Horus (whom we call Apollo), the second son of the Sun. John Opsopaus, Five Days out of Time. Agreus (Hunter), Aguieus (Guardian of Streets), Aigletes (Radiant), Akesios (Healer), Alasiotas (of Cyprus), Alexikalos (Who Wards off Evil), Apotropaios (Averter of Evil), Aristaios (Best), Arkhegetes (Leader of Colonies), Daphnephoros (Bay-Bearer), Delios (Delian), Delphinios (of the Dolphins), Delphic, Epikourios (Helper, Ally), Genetor (Begetter, Ancestor), Hekatos (Far-Darter), Hersos (New Born, Divine Child), Hyperborean (of the Far North), Iatros (Doctor), Ismenios (of Ismenos), Karneios (of the Karneia), Kitharodos (Singer to the Lyre), Kourotrophos (Protector of Youth), Leukatas (of the Light) Loxias (the Oblique), Lukeios (of the Wolf), Maleatas (Healer) Musagetes (Leader of the Muses), Nomios (Herdsman, Shepherd) Paian (alternate name), Patroos (Ancestral), Phoibos (Bright), Puthios (Pythian, slayer of Pytho), Smintheus (of the Mouse) http://p101.ezboard.com/A-Guide-to-Worshipping-and-Honoring-the-Gods/fthepillarsofolympusfrm15.showMessage?topicID=12.topic Finding then that Janus, the solar God, and son of Apollo, the Sun, means the "Initiator" and the "Opener of the Gate of Light," or secret wisdom of the mysteries; that he is born from Krisa (esoterically Chris), and that he was a Chrestos through whom spoke the God; that he was finally Ion, the father of the Ionians http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/hpb-sio/sio-eso2.htm Many islands and wooded groves, many peaks and high crags of lofty mountains are dear to you, and rivers flowing seaward. https://www.msu.edu/~tyrrell/Apollo.htm

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