5 Pranas

5 Pranas
5 Types of Prana
Some systems of yoga identify five kinds of vital breath (prana): Prana Apana Vyan Udana Samana. These are then linked with parts of the body:
Prana Heart
Apana Anus
Samana Nabhi (navel)
Udana Throat
Vyana all over the body or
nAga kUrma kRkara devadatta dhanaM-jaya
Others distinguish between 10 kinds of prana. Prana, extending from the nose to the heart and having special relation to the mouth and speech, the heart and lungs. Samana extends from the heart to the solar plexus; it concerns food and the nourishing of the body through the medium of food and drink and has a special relation to the stomach. Apana controls from the solar plexus to the soles of the feet; it concerns the organs of elimination, of rejection and of birth, thus having [330] special relation to the organs of generation and of elimination. Upana is found between the nose and the top of the head; it has a special relation to the brain, the nose and the eyes, and when properly controlled produces the coordination of the vital airs and their correct handling. Vyana is the term applied to the sum total of pranic, energy as it is distributed evenly throughout the entire body. Its instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found in the body, and it has a peculiar definite connection with the blood channels, the veins and arteries. http://laluni.helloyou.ws/netnews/bk/patanjali/patanjali-bk3-39.html air is divided into five types of Prana and each element is connected with Jnanendriya, Karmendriya and tanmatra. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elements Ether Air Lustre Water Earth Function --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ether Antahkaran Vyana (moving throughout body) Ear Speech Sound Hearing & Speaking Air Mind Samana helping (Digestion) Skin Hands Touch Touch, giving, taking Lustre Intellect Udana (Taking food etc. upwards) Eyes Feet Form Seeing & Walking Water Citta Prana (Air Inhaled and exhaled) Tongue Penis Flavour Eaging and enjoyment Earth Ego Apana (Air passing through lower parts) Nose Rectum Smell Smelling, excreting http://www.ignca.nic.in/ps_04012.htm
Prana, Apana, Vyan, Udana, Samana Antahkaran, Mind, Intellect, Citta, Ego nAga, kUrma, kRkara, devadatta, dhanaM-jaya

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