8 Directions and Hsiu

The Hsiu of the 8 directions are:
1 Horn Spica - Arcturus - Big Dipper SE
5 Heart Antares E
8 Southern Dipper Center of Milky Way NE
11 Void Sad-al-sud (beta Aquarii) N
15 Stride Pisces - M31 NW
18 Mao Pleiades W
22 Eastern Well Rim of Milky Way SW
25 Bird [Star] Alfard (alpha Hydri) S
Horn, Heart, Southern Dipper, Void, Stride, Mao, Eastern Well, Bird [Star] South East, East, North East, North, North West, West, South West, South Spica, Artares,Centre of the Milky Way, Sad al Sud, Pisces -M31, Pleiades, Rim of the Milky Way, Alfard