Rambha was the king of the asuras, fell in love with a water buffalo (Mahishi), who gave birth to a monster, Mahishasura. This monster was eventually conquered by Durga. The festival of Durga Puja on the 10th day of the new moon commemorates this event. In some versions, the gods, Vishnu and Shiva combined as HariHara play a significant role. Cologne Sanskrit Dictioanry mahiSAsura m. the Asura or demon Mahisha (from whom the country of Mysore is said to take its name){ghAtinI} f. slayer of the Asura Mahisha N. of Durga {-majjothA} f. produced from the marrow of the Asura Mahisha a kind of perfume {-mardinI} f. = {-ghAtinI} ({-dinI-stotra} n. N. of a Stotra) -sambhava} m. produced from the Asura Mahisha cf. {-majjotthA}) or `produced in Mysore a kind of bdellium f. {-sUdanI} {-rApahA} and {-rArdinI} = {-ghAtinI}.

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