10 Petals of Lotus

10 Petals of lotus are linked with Chakra 3. Manipura. Cryptic Letters : The letters from Da to Fa Viz Dam, Dham, Nam, Tam, Tham, Dam Dham, Nam, Pam and Fam are present on the ten petals. At the center of Manipura Chakra is the triangular Yantra of Vaishvanar god. Outside of this triangular Mantra are situated three gates named Swatika. At the center of this triangular Yantras is the cryptic mantra Ram of the god Vaishvanar. It is red in colour, has four arms and rides the ram. At the center of this crypt is present in a foregiving posture Rudra, who is capable to destroy the universe. He is vermilion red in colour and is smeared with ashes, and has three eyes. Along with Lord Rudra is present his power the goddess Lakini who is dark coloured, has four arms wearing yellow clothes. Mantra to be chanted: OM NAMO BHAGWATE RUDRAY SWAHA http://www.keral.com/astrology/occultism.htm In the interpretation of M.Kahir These are also associated with 10 dental sounds. t th d dh n t th d dh n

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