2 Petals of Lotus

2 Petals of Lotus are linked with Chakra 6: Ajna Orientation : The petals are facing up ON the two petals of this Chakra, two cryptic mantras Ham and Kshm are present. At the center of this lotus is present the goddess Hakini, who is fair coloured has six heads, four arms in Gyana Mudra (Knowledge posture) holding skull, rosary and a tabor. At the center of this lotus is the abode of the mind. In the Petal of this lotus is the place of Itarakhya Shiva depicted by half feminine-half masculine Itara Shivalinga. Brahma Nadi (The cosmic nerve) is also felt here. Here is also present the supreme cryptic letter OM. This is the inner spiritual form of Omkara, adorned by sickle-like moon of the Dwitiya the second day after the moon less night) and dot like Ma, From here begins the sound, that is here is the place of unbroken sound. Mantra to be chanted : AIM HREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDAYE VICHCHE http://www.keral.com/astrology/occultism.htm

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