Third Eye

The third eye is associated with Siva and with Chakra 6. As a result Shiva is called Tri-Metra [Tri-Netra], Tri-Ambaka, Tri-Aksha and Tri-Nayana. The two normal eyes of Siva represent the sun and the moon. The third, in the centre of the forehead, symbolises fire. The eyes together represent the three sources of light that illumine the earth, space and the sky. Through his three eyes Siva can see past, present and future, an accomplishment which, as Guhai Namasivaya points out elsewhere, enables him to transcend time. The central eye is the eye of higher perception. Normally it is directed inwards, but when it is turned outwards, it burns all that appears before it. Cited from Website: Arunachala Saints. Tri-netra, Tri-ambaka, Tri-aksha or Tri-nayana cf. http://sweetypradeep.wetpaint.com/page/Ohm+NAMA+SIVAYA?t=anon

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