9 Sacred Stones

In India, there are 9 sacred stones: 1. Madhu-Sudana a stone which looks like a cloud and contains two wheels, which is spherical, graceful and moderate in size 2. Gadadhara, with the mark of the Sudarshana on one of its wheels and whose other wheel Bearing a club will remain concealed 3. Hayagriva, two-wheeled stone with the face of a horse; Horsenecked 4. Narasimha, two-wheeled stone whose face is expansive and hideous 5. Lakshmi-Narasimha two-wheeled broad-faced stone, decked with wreaths and pleasing to the people 6. Vasudeva, whose gate is conspicuous by two graceful wheels of equal size..fulfilling all desire 7. Pradyumna, stone having a slender wheel and many holes at the threshold, dark like a new cloud�worship of this stone will give happiness to people. 8. Sankarshana, stone whose wheels are united and whose back is excellent, which Lord Balarama brings joy to the householders 9. Aniruddha, yellow, beautiful, circular stone delightful to the house-holders, Shiva http://www.stephen-knapp.com/tulasi_devi_the_sacred_tree.htm

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