Vasudeva is also a sacred stone whose gate is conspicuous by two graceful wheels of equal size, symbolizing fulfilling all desire.

Vasudeva is the father of Krishna.

He is known also as Angirasa--the One who is present in every Anga (limb) in the form of the circulating blood and imparts vitality to it. As the rasa (vital essence), He is described as Raso vai Sah (the elan vital). Thus, everything is permeated by God and there is nothing outside Him.

Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
vasudeva m. N. of the father of Krishna (he was the son of Sura , a descendant of Yadu of the lunar line , and was also called Anaka-dundubhi q.v. , because at his birth the gods , foreseeing that Vishnu would take a human form in his family , sounded the drums of heaven for joy ; he was a brother of Kunti or Pritha , the mother of the Pandu princes , who were thus cousins of Krishna ; see 1. {kRSNa})
of a king of the Kanva dynasty
of the grandfather of the poet Magha (also with {brahma-prasAda}) of two authors ({A})
f. N. of a daughter of Siva-phalka
n. the lunar mansion Dhanishtha
{-janman} m. N. of Krishna
-tA} f. a goddess granting wealth Hariv. (cf. {vasu-devatA} below) ;
{-putra} m. N. of Krishna {-brahma-prasAda}
m. N. of an author Cat.
{-bhU} m. son of Vasu-deva
N. of Krishna L. ; {-vAtma-ja} m. id.
2 vAsudeva see below.
3 vAsudeva m. (fr. {vasu-d-}) patr. of Krishna
of a king of the Pundras
N. of a class of beings peculiar to the Jainas
a horse
N. of various kings and authors (also with {AcArya}, {dIkSita} {zarman}, {zAstrin} &c.)
({I}) f. Asparagus Racemosus
n. N. of an Upanishad ;
mf({I})n. relating to (the god) Krishna
written or composed by Vasudeva {-jJAna}
n. N. of wk. ; {-jyotis}
m. N. of a poet Cat. ; {-tIrtha}
m. N. of a man ib. ; {-dvAdazAkSarI} f. %-puNyAha} n. {-pUjA}
f. N. of wks. ; {-priya}
m. friend of Vasudeva
N. of Karttikeya {-priyaM-karI}
Asparagus Racemosus
{-manana} n. N. of a Vedanta wk.
-maya} mf({I})n. consisting of Krishna , representing him {mahArAdhana}
n. {-rahasya} n. N. of wks.
-vargINa} or {-vargya} mfn. taking Vasudeva\'s side , partial to him
-vijaya} m. {-sahasra-nAman} n. N. of wks.
-suta} m. {-sena} m. N. of authors
-stotra} n. N. of a Stotra
f. N. of a poem
m. N. of a medical wk.
{-vAzrama} m. {-vendra} m. {-vendra-ziSya}
m. N. of authors Cat. {--vopaniSad}
f. N. of one of the more recent Upanishads of the Atharva-veda.

Toba-Yahu or Wasu-Theos (Vasu-Deva)


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