Pradyumna is a sacred stone having a slender wheel and many holes at the threshold, dark like a new cloud?worship of this stone will give happiness to people. Quoted from Website Tulasi Pradyumna is married to Usha Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary pradyumna m. the pre-eminently mighty one N. of the god of love (re-born as a son of Krishna and Rukmini , or as a son of Samkarshana and then identified with Sanat-kumara) the pleasant (= {kAma}) Subh. ; the intellect (= {manas}) N. of a son of Manu and Nadvala of a king of sev. authors and teachers Cat. ; of a mountain of a river The fourth name is Pradyumna. He represents the invincible Divine power, which cannot be overcome by anyone. He has no equal. He is His own example. He is His own law. There is no one below Him or above Him because He is even in those below Him. The Pradyumna principle is all pervading and omnipresent. http://www.eaisai.com/baba/docs/d890407.html